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Design   Talk

In this section, I will talk about different features of design that may help you solve problem areas in your home, or simply add interest to an area of a room where something "extra" is needed.

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Creating a Visual Barrier...

A common decorating dilemma for many homeowners is how to create a visual barrier, or separation, in large areas of the home such as a great room. In the photo above, the great room consists of a hearth room, breakfast room and kitchen. To create the illusion of separate rooms, the loveseat was placed facing the fireplace, creating a physical barrier. A small table was placed directly behind the loveseat, and by adding a chair to the table, the single function tables takes on two roles. First, it camoflauges the back of the sofa and gives more design appeal to the room. Second, it offers a wonderful place for the homeowner to write letters, pay bills, or offer a child a place to do homework while dinner is being prepared.

Another example...

In the above room, the same technique has been used as in the top photo. Notice how the loveseat has been placed at a slight angle from the wall. A sofa table has been pulled behind, again to help camoflauge the back of the sofa which would look very plain when standing in the kitchen. The sofa table also creates a wonderful space for showcasing favorite items or collectibles. To add to the visual separation of the two rooms, taller items such as the birdhouse and flower arrangement were used. Two prints that echo the room's colors and theme were placed on the wall behind the sofa.

No Foyer in Your Home?

The above techniques are easy ways to create a delegated foyer space in a room where the front door opens directly into the living area. By placing a sofa or loveseat with the back to the door (for example) and adding a sofa table, you are creating separate visual spaces within one large area and, also. Another idea is to place long, tall bookcase on its side (add wood feet for a design feature), and accessorize not only the insides of the shelves but the top as well.

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