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Boring Beds?

If you have a single bed, and have been thinking about exchanging it for a day bed - all you have to do is arrange the single bed in a different position - and voile'! - you have an instant daybed simply by positioning the bed lengthwise against the wall. Although you can purchase special daybed comforters, you can easily use a standard twin size comforter and add extra pillows against the wall to fill in the space. The bed above consists of a hollywood bedframe and mattresses, but a bed with head and footboards could also be used.

This idea is especially good for a room that doubles as a guest room and office. The placement of the bed in this fashion does not take up as much outward floor space. Also, this look is an easy way to update a teenager's room who feels a single bed looks too adolescent. A daybed has a more mature feel, and a new, more updated comforter and dust ruffle can be purchased in any style or color the teenager desires.

Daybed Appeal...

The daybed above is featured in a combination Guest Bedroom and Office. The wall above the bed was highlighted by draping a few yards of scrim fabric into a scarf treatment, with a floral swag to add texture and color. A wicker coffee table was placed in front of the bed (not seen in picture) and a large flower arrangement was also added. By placing the table in front of the bed, it creates the feel of an office seating area rather than a sleeping area. When guests arrive, the coffee table can be pushed to the side and used as a suitcase stand.