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Guest Decorators
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Thank you, Wendy, for allowing us to tour your beautiful home. Questions or comments to Wendy can be posted on The Country Sampler's Decorating Ideas BB.

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Welcome to Wendy's Home!

This beautiful kitchen was transformed with a little paint and creativity; and some basic construction work done by Wendy's husband.
The cabinets were painted and the backsplash was stenciled. One of the biggest improvements was the removal of the drop ceiling. This opened up the space immensely and allowed for recessed lighting to be added. Also, it afforded Wendy another opportunity to showcase more of her stenciling talents. A beautiful lattice and vine design is accented by the names of different herbs, which are carried all around the room.

A close-up of the kitchen ceiling...

Wendy's Living Room

Wendy said "the immense stone wall was intimidating...but with paintings and a mirror - it provided a great architectural background."
The color you see reflected in the mirror on the stone wall was created by using a wash technique with Ralph Lauren's Ballroom Gold.

Faux Painted Columns

"I faux painted both the planters and the columns to match. They serve as a divider between the hallway and the dining room." -Wendy

Wendy's Garden-Themed Guest Room

"The guest room is decorated around a 1910 iron bed. The folding screen was made out of bifold doors my husband was going to throw away. I made the curtains from a sheet." Wendy says that "after months of staring at this room's walls, I think I am ready to paint them...maybe a salmon color."