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The Everyday Decorator

...a site hosted by barb garrett

Greetings Fellow "Everyday" Decorators...

Thanks for stopping by my website. Although this site was created several years ago, and I cannot make changes and updates as much as I would love to - it still means a lot to me that you continue to stop by for quick 'n easy decorating tips and ideas. If I could choose a "job" it would be to work on this site and put out a monthly internet newsletter. (Maybe when I win the lottery.) :-)
I am blessed to have met such wonderful people online, and have such faithful "Everyday Decorating" fans who visit this website regularly. Though some of you still remain faceless, you are considered "friend" no less. If you happen upon my name (barbgarrettnc) on the HGTV Message Board (General Decorating) or over at (Interior Design Board) - please say hi.

Happy Decorating...

p.s - remember those who serve so we may enjoy our freedoms here at home! God Bless Our Troops!

Who is barbgarrett?
I'm just an "Everyday Decorator" just like you! I hope you enjoy these inspirational pages of quick 'n easy decorating ideas.

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It's an oldie - but a goodie! I will try to post some other newsletters that were published...

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