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What's New at The Everyday Decorator?

This page was created especially for the frequent visitors of The Everyday Decorator to keep navigation as easy as possible when viewing new articles, pictures, projects, etc. It is my goal to add a minimum of one new item per week. So -stop back in often to see "What's New."

Hello Everyday Decorators - because of the number of emails I get weekly inquiring about The Everyday Decorator why the site has not been updated in quite some time - I decided to post this note to explain. My family and I are finally getting adjusted to our move to Colorado. I have also started a full-time job as well as trying to establish a new decorating business. But, the good news is that this site was recently chosen by to become an affiliate site - so I have my work in front of me to make sure this site meets their standards. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, with the help of my new digital camera (lol) - I will be able to add some great projects, room ideas and better yet - some terrfic "Guest Decorator" rooms and projects. I hope not to disappoint! Until then - Happy Decorating!

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