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Topiaries continued...

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Strawberry Pot Topiary

Supplies Needed:

1 Strawberry Pot
1 Styrofoam Ring approx 12"
2-3 Grape Garlands
Spanish Moss
Floral Wire
Floral "U" Pins
Hot Glue Gun/Glue
(opt) Grapevine

Instructions: Completely cover the styrofoam ring with moss using the floral "U" pins to secure. Wrap the garlands around the ring, again using the "U" pins to secure in place.

Place the moss-garland covered ring upright on top of the pot. Determine where the ring rests against the rim, and add an ample amount of hot glue in those areas. Replace the ring on the glue. Run a length of floral wire in and thru two of the top holes of the pot. Pull the wire up and thru the center of the ring, and twist the wire tightly to hold the topiary ring upright. Tuck strands of moss in and around the wire to camoflauge.

Tuck small clumps of moss into each opening of the pot, and add grape clusters and leaves. (I snipped random clippings from the garlands.) Add grapevine if desired.