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Spring Decorating....

Spring! A time for renewal and rebirth of Mother Earth and her children, of the spirit and the soul. A time when there is need to rid yourself of winter and its harshness, and surround yourself with bright pastel colors, cheerful spring flowers and a warm, inviting feel. Here are a few suggestions to add touches of Spring to your home...and your soul!

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Easy Easter Centerpiece

The centerpiece below was made using recycled items from past projects, as well as items that I save from year to year to use for Easter decorating. I started out by placing two foam blocks into the container. Next, I added two large branches that I broke from trees in my yard. The branches are perfect because they have tiny blossoms on the ends. Then, I surrounded the branches with greenery and spring flowers of all kinds. I placed some colorful Easter grass around the edges underneath the greenery. I also added some paper mache eggs and feathers. I hung small ornaments from the branches, including small chicks and bunnies, eggs from Germany I collected while living in Europe, and mini bunnies. I accented the finished centerpiece with a pretty bow which I placed off-center. The centerpiece is placed on a pastel colored tablecloth, with bunny figurines and egg candles on each side.

Moss Covered Bunny

This adorable moss covered bunny can be made for less than $10. It can be made for less than that if you already have the bunny. All you need is an inexpensive plastic garden bunny, some spaghnum moss, a can of spray adhesive or hot glue gun. Remember that it is easier to work in small areas, using smaller pieces of moss. Simply spray an area of the bunny, and press a patch of the moss onto the adhesive. Press down to adhere. If working with hot glue, place glue directly on bunny and not on moss. Continue until the entire bunny has been covered. Add a decorative bow if desired.
There are many uses for this bunny. You can place him inside a grapevine basket filled with Easter grass and perhaps some paper mache eggs. Place the basket on your hearth or on a table in the foyer for a warm welcome to guests that signifies Spring has Sprung in your home. Place the bunny inside a medium size grapevine wreath (as shown) that has been wrapped with ivy. Use it as a centerpiece. Place the bunny under a shady tree nestled in a patch of ivy or amongst a colorful planting of flowers. Place the bunny atop a kitchen cabinet soffit area to add whimsey to the room. See the instructions below for growing a special "bunny patch" centerpiece.

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