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The Home&Garden Webring

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Thank you for your interest in
The Home&Garden Webring...

Please read the following rules and instructions.

1)Fill out the needed information to establish an ID #. Save this number, as you will need it to view your webring status, as well as make pertinent changes in the HTML code.

2) I will receive notification that you have submitted your site to join the ring. Once I approve of your site, you will be notified, and can then proceed to Step 3.

3)Once you have been given an ID#, email me and I will send you the correct HTML code to copy and paste onto your site.

4) Make the following changes. Make sure you remove the [ ] brackets or your code will not work. Also, make sure you change the "[" and "]" brackets to these type of brackets "<" or ">" at the beginning and end of the code.
a) [your email address]
b) [your name or name of the site]
c) [your ID #] *there are three of these

The webring box should look like this...

Bravenet SiteRing The Home&Garden SiteRing
Websites Dedicated to the Love of Home and Garden!

This site owned by
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5)Once you have edited and copied and pasted the HTML Code onto your site, you will be approved and the box will then show up on your site.

Thatís it! Sit back and allow the webring to bring in extra traffic. If you have any trouble, either registering or placing the HTML code on your site, please feel free to email me at

**Note: The webring box must remain in a prominent location on your site (either on the main page or a page dedicated to webrings) at all times, or you will be removed from the ring.