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Home Sweet Rented Home!

Being a military wife, I have firsthand knowledge of the frustrations and pitfalls of living in rental and military housing. Does this ring a bell? Plain, white walls....or even worse, dark, ugly paneling. Ugly, chipped tile flooring - or if you're really "lucky", dirty beige carpeting. Well, my friends, do not dispair. Although this may not be your dream home, the ideas presented here can hopefully help you turn your home from boring and colorless to a warm, cozy and personally-styled abobe.

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Home Sweet Rented Home...
"Building a Reusable Color Scheme"

Home Sweet Rented Home...
"Windows and Walls"

Home Sweet Rented Home...
"Cabinets and Tiles"

"Fickle Furniture...Does that belong there?"

Guest's Ideas and Suggestions

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Do you have any great ideas you'd like to share?
E-mail me and I will start a page that features
a collection of rental and military home ideas...
with your name and maybe a picture of the project, too.

I'd love to hear from you....!