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Welcome to Our English Pub Room...
The Rifle and The Rose

Some fond memories my husband and I have of our three year tour abroad were the charming and quaint pubs that dot the countryside, small communes and metropolitan cities alike. In the heart of Dublin, we fell in love with The Stag Head Pub. In England - The Fox and Hound - and in our own small commune in Brussels - The King's Crown. The one thing that each of these pubs had in common was their warmth and coziness. The dark woods and colors set the mood, while the charming and original artwork and accessories made each pub and tavern unique its its own way.

My husband and I decided that, upon returning to the States, we wanted a Family Room with an English Pub theme. When we purchased our present home, we knew the small alcove that sits off from the main seating area was just the place.

We "dub our pub" The Rifle and The Rose. The rifle is is honor of my husband who is an infantry officer, and the rose is the symbol of Marine Corps Wives.

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A fireplace meant for a king....

This English mahogany mantel is one of my favorite finds. I purchased this piece while antiquing at a huge flea market in England. It never seems to disappoint me wherever it is placed. It always adds instant warmth to the room. To give our faux fireplace a genuine feel, we used brick pavers to create a hearth. We also hung black felt behind the opening of the mantel to give our fireplace the appearance of being closed off. I cannot tell you how many people have asked us if we ever "use" our fireplace.
The two prints above are lithographs of original English documents featuring beautiful Family Crests. Old books, pipe and tobacco boxes and German steins create a vignette on top of the mantel. Yes, folks, that's a real pheasant skin hanging off the side. I purchased this at a butcher's shop in the village where we lived. The antique plate stand holds more pipe and tobacco collectibles.

And a Bench meant for a Queen....

This is also a very special piece. Believe it or not, this used to be a bed. A wonderful Flemmish man by the name of Martin Tittes, whom I came to adore, lovingly crafted these beautiful benches from antique beds. He mainly used three-quarter size beds, as is the size of mine, or single beds. I believe if anyone had any small amount of carpentry skills they could accomplish this project.
The taller back of the bench is originally the headboard. The two sides or arms were made by cutting the footboard in half. The seat (which features a hinged storage area) and the front of the bench were made using the side slats. The curved pediment that sits atop the back once sat upon the mirror of a dresser. These items are very common in Europe. I have purchased several in different sizes and designs, and have used some of them atop doorways and above large pictures.
This bed was originally very dark. I asked if it could be lightened, and was amazed when he said that he could run ammonia on the wood to get the color desired. It is now a rich, reddish hue.
I think this is perhaps one of the most unique pieces I have ever seen. I recently purchased a single bed, and one day - hope to convert it over as well.

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