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Project Room #8...
The Everyday Decorator presents two more quik 'n easy projects! A no-sew mantel scarf and a mirror dress-up project.

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No-Sew Mantle Scarf.......

Mantle scarves can soften the look of a brick or stone fireplace, or add textural softness to a mantel that features an abundance of one element - in my case - oak. Although I love the warmth and feel of the built-in oak bookcases and fireplace mantel and surround, I wanted to add a textural change, and knew the brocade and trim would be just the thing. I priced these scarves in several shops, and decided in the end that I could make one for a lot less. I made my scarf from a sage-colored brocade fabric and matching fringe trim, but you could select any type of fabric - although I recommend the use of an upholstery or decorator weight fabric.

To make the scarf, 1) decide upon the basic design you want. I chose a "wave" look, but you could opt for "points", a "wave-point-wave" combination, or even a "box" look.

2) Make a template from newspaper. You will need to tape together several sections to get the necessary length.

3) Measure the mantel length and add 2". Cut the template to this total measurement.

4) Measure the depth of the mantel and include the length you wish the scarf to hang over the edge. Add 1". Cut this total measurement from the template.

5) Using a marker, draw the design you have chosen for the front of the scarf. An easy way is to fold the template in half, and use a plate to draw curves, a showbox to draw the boxes, and a carpenter's square to make points.

6) Cut out the pattern from the template, and place on the wrong side of your fabric. Using a pencil or piece of chalk, trace the pattern onto the fabric, then cut the scarf using pinking sheers if available.

7) To hem the straight back and sides of the scarf, turn the fabric over 1" and secure with either hot glue or webbing tape and an iron. The pinking sheers suggested above are to prevent raveling.

8) Finally, hot glue the fringe onto the front of your scarf. You can also add buttons, tassels or any type of decorative trim.

Make several scarves using assorted colors and designs of fabric to decorate your mantel for the seasons as well as the holidays!

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

This is an antique mirror that used to adorn the top of a small dresser. The dresser was unsalvageable, but the mirror was in wonderful condition. Although it is beautiful as is, never let it be said that barbgarrett lets things remain "as is." I thought the mirror needed some "umph!" so to speak, some textural interest and color- so I simply added some flowers, a bird's nest and bird, some moss and some grapevine.

This same treatment could be added to the top of a larger or newer mirror to dress it up. For example, many new homes feature bathroom mirrors that have been simply attached to the wall without any kind of molding or adornment. A garland and flower treatment could add color and texture. Choose flowers that compliment the color scheme of the room. Add special touches - like the bird's nest and bird that I have chosen - to reflect your own personal style and the theme of the room.
This would also be a great addition to large prints. Again, choose flower colors that compliment those within the print as well as the mat.