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Lighting the Way...

Look for several more lighting and lamp projects soon!

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Chandelier Playing Dress-Up...

My husband says that if it doesn't move, I will decorate it! But after I had finished all my decorating projects in the Dining Room, my eye kept going back to the chandelier. It was boring!! Especially so after the holiday spritz it had recieved. (see pic below) So, with a yard and a half of inexpensive tassel fringe, a bag of faux stones, and a strip of leftover fabric...I turned my ordinary brass chandelier into a sparkling vision. I simply glued the tasseled fringe around each shade, then glued a faux stone above each tassel around the base. To cover the chain, I twisted a piece of fabric approximately one yard long by 12" wide, then wired the twisted fabric sleeve to the top near the ceiling, then wrapped the chain all the way down to the light. It was that easy...and took less than 30 minutes! Cost= less than $10.00, including the shades!

All dressed up for the Holidays...
Adding Holiday dazzle to the chandelier was easy. Accept for the yard-sale purchased shades and a few yards of ribbon - everything was recycled from my holiday box of goodies. I simply wrapped the entire chandelier, including the arms, with faux greenery. It was easier to separately cut individual, smaller pieces for the arms. Then, I loosely wrapped the chain of the fixture with 2" wide organza ribbon. I tied matching organza bows onto each arm. Silk magnolia blossoms were nestled amongst the greenery, and soft wisps of spanish moss were placed all around to add a touch of "southern" along with the magnolias. Finally, I tied short lengths of matching organza ribbon onto large red ornaments, and attached them to each arm. Mine hung over a soup terrine filled with fresh assorted greenery and more red ornaments. (see pic below)