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Trash to Treasure Birdcage...

Its hard to believe that this treasure was purchased for less than $20. Well, to be honest, it was in ill disrepair when I came across the old, victorian birdcage at a yard sale. The door was almost off, and there was hardly any paint to speak of. But isn't it amazing what an inexpensive can of spray paint can accomplish? I sanded the cage with a stiff, metal brush to remove any paint flakes, then sprayed the new coat of paint on. I used a cup hook to hang the cage from the ceiling by a chain. Once there, I inserted two bushes of ivy on each side of the door, as well as some magnolia blossoms. I added wisps of spanish moss to add texture and softness, and finished by tucking in some grapevine tendrils. I then wrapped the chain with the same chintz fabric that my curtains are made from to disguise the unsightly hanger. I have recently purchased a small uplight that I plan on placing inside. This is an easy project that anyone can do, and it only cost me the price of the paint and the ivy, for I recycled the other items from previous projects. From Treasure!

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