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No More Boring Lamps.....

Turn a basic, nondescript lamp into an accessory that makes an elegant statement about your room!

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Before...and After!

You, too, dress up your lamps to fit the decor and color of any room. Using a standard, ordinary lamp and some fabric and trim, you can create lamps you are proud of. Here's how: Make a pattern by determining the radius of the lamp (divide its diameter by two). Measure the height of the lamp, then add these two measurements together. Now add 4" more for the "ruffle." To get the diameter of the fabric needed to cut, multiply the total by two. Draw a circle pattern on paper using that measurement. You will need two coordinating fabrics (one for outside and one for lining.) You will also need 1 1/2 yds. of jute braid or cording, and two tassels. Using your pattern, cut one circle from each fabric. Place right sides together, and sew around using a 1/4" seam, and leaving an opening to turn the fabric. (You can also use Eileen's No-Sew Glue.) Clip the seam all around, turn, and press. Hand sew or glue the opening closed. Place the lamp in the center of the sewn circle, and with a water-erasable marking pen, draw around the lamp base. Just above the cord, pull fabric up the side of the lamp and determine where the cord is located, make a 1" line. Lay fabric back down and cut through both fabrics at this 1" line. Slip cord thru cut hole. gather fabric up and around lamp base, and secure with a large rubber band or string. Wrap jute or cording around lamp,and tie in a bow. Fluff the "ruffle" evenly. Glue or sew tassels onto the ends of jute or cording. Using a coordinating color of craft paint, lightly sponge the shade to desired look. The shade can also be decorated with trim or decopauged designs.