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Elegant No-Sew Shower Curtain

For an elegant no-sew shower curtain, purchase a ready-made crochet tablecloth, or use a handmade one if available. To get the "valance" look, simply turn the end over about 12". Add regular shower curtain hooks through several crochet loops. Add bows of french wired ribbon, pulling up the valance in desired places. This will create the look shown. Use a shower curtain liner that best matches the color of the tablecloth.

The Look Says It All......

The picture below shows a small bathroom with a low ceiling, yet several decorating tricks have been used. First, a vertical stripe wallpaper has been chosen to give the room the appearance of having a higher ceiling. The ceiling has been painted black. (not shown) Also, the wallpaper and coordinating bathroom accessories are of a rich, jewel-tone color. Often, homeowners are afraid to use a dark color in a small space for they fear it will make the room look smaller. Well, there is nothing you can do to make the room any larger, but the colors you choose can cozy it up. I'd rather be in a small, comfy room than a large, uninviting one. The decorative accessories used also give the feel of warmth. Antique doillies have been framed and added to hand towels. The frames used are basic stock frames, and the doilies are mounted on rich, black velvet. The simple picture bows are made from french ribbon. If you are considering decorating a small bed or bathroom, consider using a rich, dark color like the hunter shown, or cranberry or navy. Elegant and Classical!

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