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The Everyday Decorator
"Projects Room 1"

Welcome to my Project Rooms. I hope you enjoy these fun and easy projects and they allow you to add an element of beauty to your home. If you would like help with a specific project, please e-mail me and I will do my best to assist you.

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Projects Room 2
An Elegant Bathroom Project
Projects Room 3
A Lamp Dress-Up Project
Projects Room 4
Faux-Ever More...a Faux Tile Floor Project
Projects Room 5
Trash to Treasure Birdcage
Projects Room 6
No Sew Curtains
Projects Room 7
Lighting the way...Chandelier Plays Dress-Up
Projects Room 8
No-Sew Mantle Scarf and Mirrors and Magnolias
Projects Room 9
Towel Talk
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"Garland and Berry Valance"

Anyone can make this simple "valance." All you need is: 1-2 grapeleaf or ivy garland (depending upon length of garlands and size of window); assorted berry picks; cuphooks or nails. Directions: Mount cup hooks or nails in each corner of window. Attach garland using wire if necessary. Insert berry picks. Optional: Drape french or gauzy ribbon throughout for a softer effect.