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The Everyday Decorator 's "Southern Poetry" barbgarrett

I have taken my love of poetry and the South and combined the two to create these verses. I hope that no matter what part of this world you call enjoy my works.

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She is a Southerner...

Her weathered hands, wrinkled with age
Caress her garden's faire-
Snap peas harvested in the early morn-
While the dew still clung to the air.
She compares her life to that of her garden
Which grows beyond the wrought-iron gate.
She has received as much nurture and gentle love
As any one person has deserved to get. 
She is a Southerner through and through -
She never once considered leaving.
She'd grow up and marry a Southern gentleman,
As was taught in her upbringing.
The crisp snap of the remaining pea
Echoes across the morning calm.
She looks around her and bristles with pride -
And makes her way into her Southern home.

A Mother's Pride....

While other little girls were learning waltzes for cotillions,
I was knee-high in mud puddles and catching bugs by the millions.
While other little girls were wearing ribbons and lace,
My faded denim overalls suited the mud smears on my face.
While other little girls had mothers who pushed and shoved,
You stood beside me - offering comfort, courage and love.

"She won't grow to be a lady," the others said to you. 
"Every young girl needs to be taught etiquette, manners and rules."

"Oh, she'll be a lady," I heard you reply, "in every sense of the word.
Its just she's learning more right now than giggling and flirting with boys.
    She's a mind of her own - I've given her that, as well as her dignity and pride.
    Oh, I'm not worried how my little girl looks and acts right now -
What matters is what's inside."

dedicated to the love of my mother, Deloris