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The Making of a Mantle...

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This mantle groupiing is one of almost perfection. Theme, color, balance, scale and placement are represented. Note how the roller coaster effect allows the eye to travle from one end to another. The print hung above is placed just low enough as not to impede on the grouping placed on the mantle, but to compliment the entire setting.

This is the perfect example of off-center design. Although the two prints are placed evenly above the mantle - the two taller objects are placed entirely on the left, leaving the right for a grouping of antique books. Yes, it goes against most of the guidelines I suggested - but it sure looks good! LOL Just goes to show - there are no rules. If it looks good, then you must be doing something right! Be creative...

Because of the high ceilings in this room, you would think only a single, large mirror or print would work. Instead, two medium-size objects were used - a mirror and a print - balanced on each side by large rosemary topiaries. Why does this work? Hanging the larger, weighted piece on top creates a downward tunnel effect (think of an upside down triangle) drawing the eye from the top object to the mantle. Placing the weighted piece on the bottom would draw the eye up (an upright triangle) - giving emphasis to the high ceiling. Note how the print and the mirror are tied together by the common frames. Without the rosemary topiaries, both the print and the mirror would be out of scale.

This picture shows the perfect example of the "layered effect." The gold frames create a common bond although each item is somewhat unrelated.

I hope you have enjoyed this segment. As always, it is my hope to educate and alleviate any fears you may have about decorating. Accessorizing is my general passion when it comes to my home. I truly believe that the difference lies in the details. If you enjoyed this section, I'd love to hear from you. Until then - Go forth....make those mantles! Happy Accessoring!