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The Making of a Mantle....

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The Making of a Mantle
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The Making of a Mantle
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The Making of a Mantle
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Accessoring a Mantle
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The sconces visually expand the smaller mirror bringing the scale of the item into balance, as well as adding a touch of ambiant lighting. Although the topiaries are identical, using props (the old books) to slightly raise one above the other puts each one on a different visual plane - creating more interest than a side by side placement would have accomplished.

Sometimes, simplicity creates a very elegant statement when the room cannot support a busier style of accessorizing. For example, the lovely arch of the mirror is in sharp contrast to the more squared and elongated furnishings. The mirror also provides an alternative dimensional shape. An eclectic grouping of candlesticks, each placed in odd sets of three - feature basic cream candles as not to interupt the simplicity of the room's color scheme. Coloured candles would also place extra emphasis to the grouping. The homeowner opted, instead, to pull in green with the eucalyptus spray which is used, creatively, in place of a fireplace screen. One thing to remember when using a mirror above a mantle - consider the reflection that will be seen. A reflection of a ceiling fan is not the most sightly of views, but if the mirror happens to be able to reflect a window or bank of windows the payoff is twofold. Not only is the reflection more enjoyable, but the mirror will help reflect natural light throughout the room.

The print featuring a crest not only relates to the other prints in the room ("theme"), but relates to the sofa by "color." Because of its busy design, it is paired only with matching sconces placed on each side. The sconces help to pull out the gold tones of the print and also aid in visually expanding the grouping to create a more dramtic effect.