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The Making of a Mantle...

One of the most common questions I am asked as a designer and home consultant is "How do I accessorize my mantle?" Because fireplaces and mantles are often the focal point of a room, it is reasonable that homeowners wish to create a dramatic statement around this area which will add visual punch to the room. Hopefully, this article will give you an insight into the "how's" and "why's" of accessorizing a mantle.

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The "How's" & "Why's" of Accessorizing a Mantle!:

"The personality of a house is indefinable, but there never lived a lady of great cultivation and charm whose home, whether a palace, a farm-cottage or a tiny apartment, did not reflect the charm of its owner."
- Emily Post (1873-1960), The Well-Appointed House; 1922

The Making of a Mantle
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The Making of a Mantle
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(Please Note: all sample pictures are courtesy of The Bombay Company.)

This mantle displays a variety of dried and everlastings and greenery. Feathers, berries and pomegranites are tucked in for additional texture and color. A display such as this can be used throughout the year to support the theme of a room, or can be changed according to the seasons by removing assorted items of the arrangement and interchanging with various flowers and accents that support the season.

In this picture, interest and visual depth are created by the use of the layering effect. Note how the print is layered in front of the mirror followed by the candelstick lamp. The other accessories support the color of this setting. An odd numbered grouping keeps this mantle in balance.

A contemporary, flat-front fireplace still makes a great focal point even when a mantle does not exist. Instead of concentrating an accessory grouping on the mantle, as you normally would - pull in an array of interesting and eye-catching items such as, for example, the pedestal, urn and fireplace candleabra. Take note that these items are large in scale. Smaller scale items would not have the same punch and would actually deter from the balance of the setting.