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Porches, Piazzas, and Verandahs

Think of your porch as another room in your home. Actually, it is an extension of your why shouldn't the same decorating "rules" apply? Well, they can... and with a little creativity and imagination, you might find that you spend more time on your porch than any other room in the house.

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Barb's Tips for Creating an Outside Haven

~ A small dresser or end table can serve double duty. When painted or stenciled, an old piece of cast-off furniture can be used as storage for work tools, magazines, books, or anything - yet provide a place to set that glass of iced tea or a potted plant. ~ Mix-matched wicker and wood says shabby chic. Combine different elements and styles for relaxed comfort. ~ Cushions and pillows and more pillows...can there be enough? There are wonderful fabrics currently on the market that are made specifically for outdoor use. Chitzes, stripes and plaids can be combined to give that English cottage garden feel. These fabrics are water, mildew and stain resistant. They're definitely not your mother's fabrics! ~ Use unexpected containers to hold plants and flowers - like an old colander for a hanging basket; old workboots planted with geraniums; an old wagon filled to the brim with petunias that will escape over the sides; and old wood boxes planted with a "salsa garden"...tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro and chives. ~ Faux paint rugs on the floor - you won't have to worry about them slipping and sliding. ~ A baker's rack makes a wonderful plant displayer.

Seating, Lighting and Refreshments

    Lighting and lamps...why not?  Think of the warm glow that will
emanate from your covered porch at night.  Low wattage bulbs will cast just 
the right light.  Also, why not use a few strands of those small 
white Christmas lights. Wind them through a ficus tree or even 
a fern.  And don't forget the candles.  Citronella candles are now
available in a variety of decorative holders.  Better yet, make your
own luminarias using punched tin pails or recycled tin cans.

     Think of your porch as you would a large room in your home.
Just as you would want to create small, intimate seating areas for
converstaion, so would you on your porch.  Two wicker rockers could
be placed at one end with a small table surrounded by pots of flowers.
A swing or bench could be placed in one corner...don't forget the
pillow and afghan throw for those naps!  Use that baker's rack I 
referred to to hold refreshments and glasses.  Place it next to an
intimate table for two...which brings me to....

     Refreshments!  Everything tastes better when served on the porch-
from lemonade and iced tea to spiced apple cider in the fall to hot 
cocoa on cold, winter nights. (Don't forget the brandy and cinnamon
stick stir.)  Use your porch as an additional dining room when weather