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The Everyday Decorator "Home...and Garden"

To me, gardening is a passion...just like decorating, cooking and entertaining. My biggest thrill comes when I can incorporate all of them at once. Whenever possible, I try to bring my home into my garden...and my garden into my home. I do this by adding touches of the unexpected. Simple a lamp on the porch, decorative pillows on wicker rockers, and soft music. Throughout this page and the pages I have linked, I hope to share some common ideas and thoughts for your garden, or as I call it, second "home."

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Porches, Piazzas and Verandahs
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Butterfly Gardens
Plants, Flowers and Trees
Hummingbird Gardens
Plants, Flowers and Trees
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Herbs,   Herbs,   Herbs...

If you have an abundance of herbs, here's a quik and easy way to save them without the hassle of drying. Chop herbs in a food processor or by hand. Place a tsp. of herbs into each section of an ice tray, fill with water. Freeze, and store the "herb cubes" into a zip-lock freezer bag. Make sure you mark the bag. I cook a lot of Italian dishes, so I like to combine basil, oregano, and parsley. I chop an equal amount of herbs, place 1 tsp. of each into the sections of the tray and fill with water. When frozen, I place in a bag marked "Italian herbs." This could be done with any combination like cilantro and chives for Mexican, or "Herbs de Provence" - rosemary, basil, and thyme. When needed, thaw the cubes or plop right into your soups, stews, etc.