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For Sale: Second-Hand Decorative Items for the Home and Garden

Do you have a nice set of dishes that you would like to sale? Perhaps you are looking for a duvet, and do not mind purchasing one second hand. Maybe you have some remnant pieces of fabric that someone may be interested in, or some wallpaper left over from a project. Then, this is your site. Place your free classified ad here along with a picture if desired. Note the URL for the garage sale so you can pass along your ad to others. As they say - another man's (or woman's) trash is...well, you get the hint.

1)Give a short, but well-worded description of item.
2)Either state a set price, or explain how the item will be sold. For example, $5 OBO (or best offer); 5 Day Auction/Bids Accepted; etc.
3)Don't forget to mention forms of payment accepted and terms of shipping.

4)A picture is worth a thousand words. Try to add a pic of the item you're selling if possible.
5)**Please email as soon as the item is sold so I can delete your ad, or marked as SOLD!

1)Some ads will feature a set price, or a set price and other conditions such as OBO.
2)Others may not have a price shown, but will accept offers. Also, some sellers may offer an auction of sorts, with a set number of days they will accept email bids, with the highest bidder winning.
3)Make sure you ask or know who will pay the shipping, and what terms

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Garage Sale Guidelines:
For Buyers and Sellers

1) Only decorative-type items for the home and garden will be accepted. If you are unsure about whether or not your item is permissable, email me at

2) New or used items are permissable, but not items sold in mass quantities. In other words, NO DEALERS ALLOWED.

3) Ads will remain on the site until the item is sold, or for a total of two weeks. The ad will then be deleted. The seller is permitted to submit the item again for another two week run.

4) The seller MUST notify me as soon as the item is sold, so the ad can be removed. This is to the advantage of both the seller, to prevent against receiving unnecessary inquiring emails, and interested buyers, to prevent against waisting one's time.

5) Ads must be specific and give as much information as is required. The size and condition of all items should be revealed with total honesty,right down to a minor tear or a hairline crack.

6) Forms of payments accepted should also be noted.

7)**Ads for merchandise to be sold in "The Everyday On-Line Garage Sale" are offered at the seller's own risk. The Everyday Decorator, barbgarrett, or any relation to the prior mentioned cannot and will not be held accountable or reliable for money not collected during the transfer of goods.

8)**It is recommended that the seller use a guaranteed form of payment such as a cashier's check or money order.

9)***Notice to buyers, The Everyday Decorator, barbgarrett, or anyone or anything related to the prior mentioned cannot and will not be held accountable for any goods recieved. All transactions completed will be between the listing seller and the buyer only. The Everyday Decorator and barbgarrett act simply as a listing agent for said sellers and their merchandise.

10)***By placing an ad in The Everyday On-Line Garage Sale, or any action taken to purchase any item from the garage sale, constitutes that you have read the guidelines and agree to this disclaimer.

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