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Fall Aboard

Page 9

Need a Fall planter in a hurry?

I created this fun centerpiece using a real pumpkin! I simply inserted a plastic container to hold the soil. You can choose any kind of Fall plantings such as mums, cabbages, pansies, ivy and natural grasses. Add artificial berries, mini gourds, and cattails. Add some wheat for texture. A nifty grapevine "handle" is a fun touch. Your pumpkin centerpiece should last for about 5 days, depending on the freshenss of the pumpkin.

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I think your holiday decorations should be a compliment to your already existing ones. By adding a few touches, you can convert your "everyday" vignettes into holiday showcases. In my former Colorado home, I added a selection of Fall items to my breakfast room hutch. It was filled with a collection of Portuguese fruit pottery. Pumpkins, fresh mums...and antique canning jars filled with candy corns.

Another vignette from my former Colorado home, this mantle featured ivy topiaries, antique books and Staffordshire plates. I wrapped the topiaries with silk fall leaves, added some mini pumpkins and vines, and switched the plates to ones which reflected the season. The mantle scarf was a "No-Sew" project.

What do you do with a $5 garage sale find? You plant something in it!

I originally purchased this seed spreader at a garage sale with the intention of using it for that reason. But, it dawned on me that it would make a really cute planter. So, out came the black spray paint. Some potting soil, mums, ivy and various other plantings later - I was able to roll around (hey, it already had wheels!) this beautiful Fall display to the area I wanted it.