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Fall Aboard!

Page 3

Recognize this Statue?

From "mydog" at HGTV's Message Board: This is the statue from the bookcover of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Makes a great mini pumpkin holder if I say so myself. :-)

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Just Hanging Out in the Front Yard...

From my saved inspiration pics, I am amazed and awed by the time and energy (and creative talent!) put into this project and outdoor vignette. This wonderful creation gives new meaning to the term "pothead." :-)

Fall Decorating is for the Birds!

From "MaineLady" on HGTV's Message Board: A woodsy-themed birdbath was used as part of her outdoor Fall display. Pumpkins and decorative cabbages add color and texture, too.

Awe-Inspiring Display...

From my saved inspiration pics, this outdoor scene featuring an urn filled with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes creates a stunning splash of color against the luscious greenery in the background.