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Fall Aboard!
...with The Everyday Decorator's Salute to Autumn!

Welcome to my collection of Fall and Halloween pictures I have gathered from the web and various internet Message Boards. I have tried to give credit where credit is due. Some pics are from my "saved inspiration" pics - so I apologize up front if you see your pic and did not get proper credit. If you email me, I will certainly correct that wrong with pleasure.
So....let's get going! Faaaalll A-boooaard!

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Drilled Pumpkins!
An Interesting Take on the Art of "Carving!"

This is a great quick 'n easy idea for creating lanterns! Add a few of these to your front porch, or line your steps. How about adding this to your tabletop for an interesting centerpiece?

Creating a Unique Tablesetting

From MagnoliaLady...this beautiful place setting was created by using a black charger, then topped with a black and white transferware plate, adding some silk fall leaves, and finally topping that with a smaller clear plate. The mini pumpkin adds the finishing touch. Simple but elegant!

Cake Stand Stand Out!

From DesignerWannaB - this lovely centerpiece is a wonderful and creative way to use decorative cake stands. Created by topping one stand upon the other, then adding silk flowers and mini pumpkins. Whether you use one plate or multi-plates - this beautiful centerpiece is sure to "stand" out!