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More Dining Room Pics...

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Close-Up of My No-Sew Curtains...
This is a close-up shot of the dining room window treatment. For more details and instructions, visit the Project Room where the no-sew curtain ideas are located. "No-Sew Window Treatments Project Room" - Click Here

A few tassels here, a few sparklies there...

I decided to add some much needed pizazz to my boring brass chandelier. Now its sports a totally different look. Just by adding a few inexpensive touches, I have created a new fixture. To find out more details, and to see this same fixture decorated for Christmas, follow this link. "Lighting the Way...Chandelier Dress-Up Project" - Click Here

Display your best...
My husband's grandmother's china and crystal I purchased in Prague are displayed in a Chippendale curio cabinet. To take full advantage of the limited space, I decided to forego the use of the plate grooves, and sit the plates, salad plates and saucers on plate stands of varying sizes. Then, I staggered them for best viewing. The pillow in the chair is a no-sew pillow made with two sguare doilies. The red chintz fabric is the same as in the rest of the room, simply wrapped around the pillow and pinned. A simple ornamental piece is attached to the front for interest.