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Cottage Style Decorating

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Well, are you dreaming yet? That is the real reason for this article: to get you motivated to conjure up your own ideal cottage lifestyle! Don't hold back, just get organized, and get out there and go for it. If you make some mistakes, it's ok, it just means you learned something that you will use later on.
Good Luck!

The following paint colors were used in my home:
Home Depot Behr: French Vanilla (yellow)
Home Depot Behr: Mocha (red bedroom)
Home Depot Behr: Echo Trail (peachy tone)
Home Depot Behr: Ultra Pure White
Philadelphia Brand: Tomato Spice (red)

"...bed & breakfast colors of red, mustard, & green feel very warm & inviting to guests."

Cottage decor is a specialty and first love for me. I can't think of anything else I'd rather do. I am completely self-taught, always thumbing through every magazine I can get my hands on. I have travelled throughout the world and exposed myself to every style of home I could find, only to finally come home to the cottage. I guess I began my career at age 6, constantly rearranging my tiny pink bedroom & accessories! It seemed there were endless combinations and always a better one just around the corner! I have never stopped, and never loved anything more. My head swims with excitement everytime I enter a flea mkt., antique show, or fabric store. Even now, when I am away for a week or even just a day - I am anxious to get home... to my "cottage."

"...nothing makes a cottage like blooming plants and flowers. The deck and small yards are treated as outdoor rooms by fluffing them with comfy furniture and cheery painted items. Everything gets rained on year after year, and the paint just keeps peeling more and more which makes for a perfect Cottage look."

For more ideas on decorating your cottage, please feel free to visit my website at

Or, you may email your questions, comments, or ideas to me at

I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of Becky's cottage. More delightful pictures await you at her website. Please make sure you visit soon. I will be featuring more articles such as this one, that define different types of decorating styles in the future. Please drop me a line to let me know what you think.

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