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The Everyday Decorator
"Colors and Moods"

A lot of research has been done on the affects that color plays on your mood. It is said that you should choose colors according to the mood you want to invoke in people. While I believe that is true, I also believe you should choose colors that reflect your personality and style. (My favorite color is red.....hmmmm!) To the right is a list of moods and the colors that are associated with them. It can be a guide for use in choosing wall colors, accessories, etc. Try combining two or more "mood" Hunter Green (Luxurious) and Coffee (Warm and Inviting.) You will be saying, "I decorated with a touch of class, but come on in and make yourself at home."

"Colors   and   Mood"

Calm and Peaceful Moods: 
Sky Blue, Leafy Green, Lavender

Warm and Inviting Moods: Rose, Butter Yellow, Vibrant Peach, Coffee

Light and Airy Moods: Pale Yellow, Soft Peach, Minty Green, White

Cheerful and Friendly Moods: Bright Blue, Sunny Yellow, Country Red, Terra Cotta

Luxurious Colors: Antique Gold, Hunter Green, Royal Purple, Ming Red, Wine, Royal Blue or Navy

A website of Color...

The following websites may be very helpful when choosing colors or trying to see how certain palettes work together.

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