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The Foyer.....After!

What a difference!! Different furniture and accessories were just the beginning. The only items that were purchased new were the rug (Target...$99!) and the lamp (TJMaxx...$89). The remainder of items were shifted (aka..."robbed') from other areas of the home. The color is by Benjamin Moore - Springfield Tan. The only way I can describe it is...YUMMY! It's a warm, caramel color that positively glows at night. This will be the main color used in varying values throughout the public areas of the home.

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Page 3: The Foyer ....After!

This picture shows the new "stone" wallpaper. I had considered an actual faux technique to create this same look, but when I found this paper and realized I could complete this wall for under $40 - and a portion of the time, there was no question which route I would go. You can also see the "new" light fixture which replaced the "contractor's special." I say "new" because I purchased this fixture on the clearance table at Lowe's over two years ago.

We removed some of the pieces of furniture such as the desk, chair and grandfather's clock - and replaced them with a marbletop cabinet I purchased in Belgium. A gold mirror borrowed from another room was the perfect fit. I created the floral swag to reflect the colors from the new rug. (see below)

Note the "new" frosted sidelight window. This project took a whopping hour to complete. I purchased ready-made faux leading strips at Hobby Lobby, a bottle of faux liquid leading - and used some leftover latex glaze to sponge on the "frosting." We have ordered a custom wood shutter for this window, but in the meantime - I needed something that would allow the light to filter through yet offer a degree of privacy. To see before and after (and up close) pics of this project...please go to the next page.

Page 3: - The Foyer ....After!