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Welcome to The Everyday Decorator's Club...

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What is The Everyday Club?

It's not a special clique or exclusive members only club - anyone can join. Its easy, free and best of all FUN! Here's what The Everyday Club consists of:

1) You will be notified by email whenever a new article or feature of "The Everyday Decorator" is added.
2) You will be able to share pictures, ideas and projects with other club members.
3) By joining the club, you will be automatically entered in a monthly drawing for a new hardback book on decorating, gardening or varied subjects dealing with the home.
4) You will be able to meet new friends who have common interests as you, and maintain a email conversation.

Please Note... Registering for The Everyday Club is not the same as registering for The Everyday Home Newsletter. These are two separate registrations. To register for the newsletter only, click here.

So   Come   On....

Join the fun! Become an "Everyday" Club Member today. Just fill in the form below and you will be contacted by email. If you have any questions or problems, please email me at:
I hope to see your name added to the list soon...

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