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Everyday Christmas Ideas...because there's no place like home for the Holidays!

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With these ideas, you can create a magical feeling in your home, too.

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From The Horchow Collection, these handpainted plates make great family collectibles.

Create your own plates with glass paints purchased from craft stores. These plates would make great gifts when personalized with a family name and filled with homebaked cookies.

Make these easy snow-filled ornaments...

With craft store purchased clear glass ornaments, you can create a bit of "winter wonderland" on your tree. Purchase a small bag of faux snow. (opt.) Mix with white glitter. Remove the top of the ornament. Using a small funnel (you can make a paper cone), fill each ball about 2/3 full. Replace top. On my "bird" tree, I even filled a few with birdseed.

From "Catknap at HGTV's Design Forum..."

These trees are so "sweet"...