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Children's Room Themes
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"How Does Your Garden Grow?"

This adorable garden-themed room is achieved by the use of one key element - the large picket fence border placed at the bottom of the wall. A coordinating floral pattern wallcover is used above, but the room could easily be painted to keep within a budget. Notice how exterior shutters were used instead of conventional window treatments. Add pull shades or mini blinds for privacy. The sky ceiling was created by using a glaze and paint mixture, and sponged and dry brushed for a soft effect. A silk ficus tree was added in the corner, as well as a small child's chair painted with flowers. To balance the abundance of floral patterns, a basic plaid comforter in a pastel color palette was selected. Tis added to the femininity of the room, and allowed the room not to become too overwhelmed within the garden theme.

Additional Design Ideas...

1) Add small white lights to the silk ficus tree to add coziness to the room, as well as work as a nightlight.

2) Substitute the paper picket fence border for real picket fence. Use sanded wood only to prevent splinters.

3) Use an old wrought iron garden gate as a headboard.

4) Use an old (or a new one made to look old) potting bench as a small vanity. Cut the legs down to size. Add cute pots of silk flowers and hang gardening tools on the wall which have been painted pastel colors.

5) Set up a small table and two chairs, and add a lace tablecloth and an eclectic mix of flea market cups, saucers and teapots for an impromptu garden tea party. Hang large, straw hats decorated with tulle and silk flowers for "tea party attire."

6) For a really dramatic canopy, suspend white-painted lattice over the bed using chains and cup hooks. Weave in white lights, greenery and an array of spring time silk flowers. Add large tulle bows at each corner with long flowing streamers, and use yards and yards of inexpensive satin ribbon streamers to add color.

7) Visit your garden store for inexpensive accessory ideas. Painted clay pots make wonderful storage containers for crayons, etc. Colorful seed packets can be emptied and framed. A large metal garden rake, painted and attached to the wall would make a cute coat hanger.