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Batter Up!!!

This fun wall vignette can be easily achieved with a few baseballs, bats and even a collection of hats. To mount the bat, simply drill thru each end, apply drywall molly's as needed, and determine the length of screw needed for each end. To attach the balls securely to the wall, place drywall moly;s into the walls in desired mounting places, insert double-headed screws. Drill holes into the baseballs slightly smaller than the diamter of the screws, and slowly "thread" the balls onto the double-headed screws. You can slso use some epoxy glue to help hold the ball onto the screw. A basic plaid bed ensemble was used to epitomize a boyish look.

Additional Design Ideas...

1) Bats can be used in the following ways: Mount two bats above the windows with "L" brackets and hang colorful tab curtains. Mount two baseballs, one on each side of window at mid level. Drape the curtains back using the balls as tie backs. Baseballs can also be adhered to the end of the curtain rod bats as finials.
2) Drill holes into a bat and attach painted pegs to hang a collection of hats or use as a coat hanger.
3) Turn four bats upside down, and using screws, attach a piece of plywood cut into a small circle to use as a table top. Paint the wood circle white and add painted "stitching" to resemble a baseball.
4) Decopauge color copies of baseball cards onto a lamp shades; the fronts of dresser drawers; or even a wood cornice.
5) Stencil the names of famous baseball fields around the top of the room for a border, or above the chair rail, i.e. Wrigley Stadium - New York City, etc.
6) Stencil the names of famous players - Babe Ruth, Mark Macgwire, etc.
7) Sew pillows using baseball team penants. Use the original pointed shapes for whimsey. Outgrown baseball jerseys can also be made into fun pillows. Simply sew the neck and sleeves closed, stuff, and hand stitch the bottom closed.
8) Frame your child's (or if you're lucky)- your child's father's - baseball jerseys.
9) Remember how your parents used to save your baby shoes by having them plated with gold - well, working with that idea, have your child's baseball cleats or baseball glove hardened to preserve, but ask that they stay in their original form and color.


With a few brushes and sponges and a little paint, you can turn any child's room - girl's or boy's - into a haven of trees and meadows. Draw out the tree form with a pencil, and let the fun begin. Basecoat the trunk with brown, then, using several brushes and sponges, add detailing using a variety of browns, tans, yellows, and black. Don't forget to add a knot hole or two. Use sponges to add greenery, again using a variety of hues of greens and yellows to create depth and dimension. If the thought of handpainting leaves is too scary, try using Plaid brand rubber stamps.

Additional Design Ideas...

1)How about using a tree branch or small limb for a curtain rod. Drape a length of fabric for an easy no-sew valance. (see photo above.)

2)Bent twig furniture pieces will echo the tree theme. Make soft, cozy cushions for comfort.

3)To add a bit of 3-D whimsey, mount some small birdhouses on the wall. Paint 1x4's cut at varying heights using the same paints as you used for the tree trunk. Mount the birdhouses at the top of the "poles." (You may need to cut the birdhouse in half.) Paint vines and wildflowers growing up and around the pole. Add two or three different birdhouses at varying heigths.

4)Make a headboard from small limbs by making a frame and adding a few cross bars. Secure directly to the wall using metal screws, and butt the matress right under to look as if your "headboard" is actually attached to the bed. Add some silk foilage and wisps of moss for realism.
5)Buy some inexpensive plain pillows in natural earthtone colors, and stencil or stamp assorted leaf motifs on the front. Tie the four corners into "bunny ears" using natural jute to add to the "Mother Earth" feel.