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Children's Rooms Themes

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Chapter Three
"It was this long..."

This fishing themed room above revolves around the decorative border. Often, when you are uninspired, a border or wallpaper can offer another source for inspiration. Note how the upper portion of the room, the moulding and part of the ceiling were painted to visually in conjunction with easy no-sew window treatments consisting of rectangles of burlap. The edges were frayed for extra texture and attached to the reel with natural jute twine. The blinds have been accented with woven burlap tape down the front. Burlap is a wonderful fabric to use with a fishing theme. It evokes a feeling of nature and outdoors - plus its inexpensive!

Additional Design Possibilities:
1) Cover a lampshade with burlap and hang assorted fishing lures from the edge.
2) Use fishing creel baskets to hold small toys; as a plant holder; to hold books; etc.
3) Instead of using the reel for a curtain rod, try using an old fishing net or oar.
4) Stencil the names of fish around the room and give them a "story." For example - Spotted Bass 18"/ 12 lbs. Caught May 7, 1997.
5) Sew a burlap bedskirt, and combine with a plaid bed ensemble in warm, woodsey colors.
6) Hang a fisherman's hat from a bedpost or peg.
7) Cut out fish and attach several from jute. Paint a sign that says "Gone Fishing" - add a peg and dangle the fish.
8) Visit a bait and tackle shop for other unexpected and whimsical touches.

Chapter Four
"Blossoms and Bows"

What little girl wouldn't love this room? Filled with handpainted blossoms, bows and wicker. You do not have to be a talented artist to achieve this look. Paint a room-length pink ribbon using craft paint, then add leaves and flowers using a combination of "pounce" strokes with different size brushes and sponges. You can also use Decorator's Blocks by Plaid. Note how the two prints above the bed look as if they are hanging from the streamers of a painted bow. White wicker can be combined with all styles of furniture to include wood and wrought iron. Use a combination of fabrics ranging from pretty florals to stripes and ginghams for an English Cottage style.

Additional Design Possibilities...
1) Spray paint small grapevine wreaths white, and mount in each corner of the window. Drape white tulle (netting), sheer fabric or scrim thru the wreaths. Accent with pastel colored floral garlands.
2) Mount a twig or limb approximately four feet high on the wall using finishing nails. (pre-drill first.) Mount a painted birdhouse on top of the twig or branch. You may have to cut the birdhouse in half if it is too large. Add wisps of moss trailing out of the opening.
3) Make a teddy bear or doll swing by painting a small board and adding roping. Hang from the ceiling with cuphooks and place your child's favorite teddy or doll in the seat. Wrap the ropes with floral garland.
4) Paint the ceiling to resemble clouds by basecoating with a light sky blue. Add glaze to white paint, and paint clouds with a sponge. Use a dry brush to make the edges of the clouds appear to float.
5) For a faux canopy, hang a sheet of pre-painted white lattice over the bed with chains and cuphooks. Weave ivy, floral garlands and tulle in and out. You can also add white lights for a cozy night time feel.
6) Set up an English garden tea party. Shop flea markets and thrift stores for odd and end tea pots and tea cups. Don't worry that they do not match, that is part of the "English Garden Tea Party" look.
7) Decorate a large straw hat with tulle and pretty flowers and hang from the bed post or on the wall.
8) Place garden accoutrements around the room such as bunny statuaries, etc.

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