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"Love   is   like   a   butterfly.....a   soft   and   gentle   thing."      -Dolly   Parton

Flowers, Trees and Plants Attractive to Butterflies

(* especially attractive)

Hawthorne   Pair   Cherry   Plum   Redbud

...Shrubs and Vines...
Abelia   Barberry   *Butterfly Bush   Clematis  
Lilacs   Rhododendron   Sweet Pepperbush
Honeysuckle   Hypericum   Vibernums   Spireas

...Perennial Flowers...
*Butterfly Weed   *Aster   *Bleeding Heart
Chives   Daylilly   Globe Thistle   *Phlox
*Candytuft   *Daisy   Statice   Lillies
*Coreopsis   Dianthus   *Yarrow   Sedum
Lupine   Campanula   Astilbe   Liatris

...Annual Flowers...
Ageratum   Cosmos   Lantana   *Verbena
Snapdragon   *Alyssum   Geranium
Nasturtium  Sunflower  Zinnia Impatients
Petunia  *Lobelia

Butterfly Garden Project

If an entire garden or section of garden devoted to butterflies is not possible, try this simple and easy project to enjoy one of nature's pride and joys. Line a large half wine barrel with black plastic. Fill with an organic mixture of potting soil, manure, vermiculite, and peat moss. Mix well. Plant an assortment of flowers particularly attractive to butterflies like Alyssum, Verbena, Phlox, and Chives. Place a small trellis in the barrel, and plant a Clematis or honeysuckle vine. Place your new "Butterfly Barrel" near a sitting area in your garden, or near a window where you can enjoy the show.