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"ART"-iculated Rooms

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In this picture: how does artwork set the mood of a room? Simple! A cluster of prints aligned along the wainscotting of this dining room sets a) the color scheme; b) draws the eye from end to end of the length of the room, and c) serves as a focal point. The prints, also, provide the main ingredient and components of pattern and color.

Design Tip:
Other than the prints, the area rug provides color and pattern. The middle plane of the room (furniture, accessories, etc) - features a tone-on-tone, neutral pattern. If pattern were used on all three planes (Upper: walls and ceiling; Middle:; and Lower:flooring and/or carpeting)- the effect would be busy and overwhelming.

In this picture: although this vignette may feel very busy - there are several factors that pull this setting together - wood, texture and shine. The wood is exemplified in the console and teapoy. The texture is enhanced by the wicker, leather, books and plant materials. The mirrors - as well as the gold frames - provide a touch of shine which creates a warmth. (Mirrors also add a personal element to a space.) This collection of small mirrors each have their own personality - but work as one cohesive setting when hung with scale and balance and "creativity" in mind.

In this picture: these two, larger prints add a touch of drama on a long and narrow space and help set the tone of this modern neo-classic room.