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"ART"-iculated Rooms

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In this picture: another example of how three simple objects (the blue and white plates), can instantly pull an out of balance print into proportion.

Design Tip:
Note how the textured stone wall adds instant warmth to a space that could come across as cold. Don't have a stone wall? Create one using a "stone" stencil and textured paint. Simply basecoat the wall with a lighter "grout" color, then apply the textured paint with a roller using the stencil to create instant stonework. Once dry, use a sponge and paints/glazes to add highlights and shadows for a more realistic look. Or, check out the newest addition to wallpapers - "faux" textures.

In this picture: one of these prints, alone, would only enhance the fact that the headboard on this sleighbed is low. Two prints fill the space; set the tone of the room; and, creates an instant focal point.

Design Tip:
Note how the windows were left unadorned. A complicated window treatment would have distracted from the focal point of the room. Instead, colorful and bold fabrics were used for the bedding to add softness and pattern.

In this picture: this vignette demonstrates that art does not always have to be "hung" to create drama and effect. These shelves follow the basic guidelines of scale and balance, but allow the homeowner to add an eclectic assortment of smaller objects and collectables alongside the artwork.

Design Tip:
Duplicate these same shelves with ordinary plant brackets you can purchase inexpensively at any garden shop or department. Spray paint them with white paint, and once dry, sand lightly with a 220 grit sandpaper to create a distressed feel. Don't have the tools to cut wood shelving? Let the home center do it for you. Just provide them with your needed lengths.
Instead of lining up the shelves vertically, try offsetting every other shelf for a different look.