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"ART"-iculated Rooms

"The in's & out's of displaying art!"

The rules of displaying art are, well...there are no rules! All you need to keep in mind are a few guidelines such as scale and balance. Art is very personal to everyone. Whether you choose to showcase one or two very special pieces, or enjoy an eclectic mixture of styles - allow your art to set the mood of the room and offer a glimpse into you and your "home's" personality.

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In this picture: the mirror is proportioned well in height, but because of its narrow shape - it would ultimately feel and look out of balance. The blue and white plates on each side, although small, visually expand the width of the vignette.

Design Note:
Note how the plates are in harmony with the other blue and white pieces creating a harmonious vignette within this yellow and blue color scheme.

In this picture: the scale of the fireplace could possibly overwhelm the high and narrow mirror. The addition of four smaller prints - all of the same theme, size and color - keep the balance of the mirror and artwork in tune with the mantle as well as the rest of the room.

In this picture: this vignette perfectly reflects how a grouping of smaller prints can often create a stronger statement than one larger print. Because the demilune table is petite in size - a larger mirror or print would dominate both the table and the space. The break between the prints allows the eye to rest - at the same time - the six prints create the proper scale and balance needed.